Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parasailing in Hawaii

So I have been back from Hawaii for about two and a half weeks. I had so much fun, we went to the beach, snorkling, and alot of other fun stuff. I think the funnest and scariest think that we did was parasailing. What that is, is you sit next to a partner that you pick and the captain gives you a harness to sit in, your harness is straped to a parachute. When you go into the air you sit on the back of the boat and your rope is on a pully system. As you go into the air your a human kite. However, if your rope snaps, you unhook yourself from your parachute and free fall to the water. When you land in the water you swim away from your parachute, if you don't the parachute can drown you. Then they come a pick you up. Our Captain told us that your rope never snaps, it's very rare if it dose.
While we were out on the boat another boat had a couple up in the air and their rope snaped. I had second thoughts, but Bailey was with me so I had to be brave for her sake. It was fun but our rope was seven hundred feet in the air. That is taller then the tallest ride at Lagoon, if you can image that. And free falling seven hundred feet into the water, I don't even want to think about it.
If you love thrills, parasailing is the way to go, if you are scared of hights, well, don't do it.

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