Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birtday To me!!!!

Three more weeks until my 20th birthday. I'm so excited. I really want to hang out with my sisters on that day. I really hope that they can hang out with me. I'm feeling less like a teenager. I'm in my finally coming out of my teen years. Twenty is for me the mark of adulthood.
Seth also has some big news. His friend from Washington State decided to come and stay in Ferron. I meet him last night. He is a very nice boy. He is twenty-one. He is only two years older then me. His name is Sam. I hope he stays for a while.

Finals Week :(

Only a week and a half until school ends for the holidays. I'm a little nervous. Math espacially. I'm not that great at math but we can only hope that I pass. I finally finished my book for my english class. I'm the only one in the class that has finshed the book. I feel that it is not nessicary to go to class anymore because I know what happens.
However, no matter how board I am I will attend class.