Saturday, January 23, 2010

Explaning pictures

If anyone saw the pictures and were slightly confused about what they ment, I will explain. The first two are of my acctuall birthday, My mom, aunt, and I went to Applebees and my aunt told them it was my birthday! I could have died. Our waiter (who by the way was cute), decided that he was going to sing as loud as he could. When he found out how old and that I just got back for Vegas from seeing the Lion King, he told me that he wanted to take his GIRLFRIEND to it, there went my chance of having a guy friend. Oh well. The next are pictures my mom and aunt when we first got to Vegas, that was after we got stuck in the elevator. My aunt and I tried to convince my mom to get in the elevator but she would not get in. Thank goodness she didn't because we got stuck because we were never told that you had to slide in your room key then press your floor number. If you don't then the elevator stops and the lights go off to save energy. When we got stuck it was bad, it was even worse when the lights went off. My aunt and I both said at the sametime (pardon my french) Oh SHIT!
When we finally got out we found stairs and when we got up to our room, we laughed our heads off. The picture of me in front of an actor who plays the adult Simba, that was the night we went to the play, I bought a Lion King shirt and the hotel had a Lion King display, so I had my picture taken. My companions and I walked down to to the Beligo and we went in and they had their christmas decorations up, the reigndeer in the picture are make out of pecans. The last pictures are of me and my mom on the strip. There were a couple of guys in the picture. They told us that they didn't mean to, but by the look of the picture it's obvious that they did it to be funny. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Got in a Play

Before school ended right when I was doing finals. I auditioned for the community play. I got a call a week later and I got a part as a chicken. The play is called Honk. It's a musical about the ugly duckling. I was a little disapointed because I got the script and I have one line and I'm in one scean. Oh well. I will just have fun with it.