Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So my latest summer project is horses. My brothers are into horses, me and my sisters not so much. But I decided that I wanted to try again. So I started helping my brother train this horse and it just got to be to much. So last month my other brother told me that his horse, the one that he has had for tweleve years or longer, he was thinking about selling it. I jumped on that , I love this horse, he is pretty old but he is a really good horse, I rode him yesterday and it had been so long since he had been riden he was troting when I got him in the arena.

I'm still working with him but I really want to do it. School is going to start soon and I need something to do this year. It will make the school year barable. Anyway, sorry that I have not been writing much, like I said I have been pretty busy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parasailing in Hawaii

So I have been back from Hawaii for about two and a half weeks. I had so much fun, we went to the beach, snorkling, and alot of other fun stuff. I think the funnest and scariest think that we did was parasailing. What that is, is you sit next to a partner that you pick and the captain gives you a harness to sit in, your harness is straped to a parachute. When you go into the air you sit on the back of the boat and your rope is on a pully system. As you go into the air your a human kite. However, if your rope snaps, you unhook yourself from your parachute and free fall to the water. When you land in the water you swim away from your parachute, if you don't the parachute can drown you. Then they come a pick you up. Our Captain told us that your rope never snaps, it's very rare if it dose.
While we were out on the boat another boat had a couple up in the air and their rope snaped. I had second thoughts, but Bailey was with me so I had to be brave for her sake. It was fun but our rope was seven hundred feet in the air. That is taller then the tallest ride at Lagoon, if you can image that. And free falling seven hundred feet into the water, I don't even want to think about it.
If you love thrills, parasailing is the way to go, if you are scared of hights, well, don't do it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Falling Behind in my blog.

I know it's been four weeks since I blogged last. I have just been so busy. My parents were in St. George this week so I have been changing sprinklers since Wensday. On Thursday I moved them, it was a nightmare, I had them all put together and I turned them on and they didn't come on all the way, I checked down the line and saw that one pipe had come undone and the end cap had poped off.
After spending a good hour putting the pipe back together again, they were running. This morning I went out to change them and I had old faithful in my back feild. Come to find out one of the sprinklers had popped off. So frustrating. My dad came home and we are going to either have to buy a new sprinkler head or barrow one.

Just so you know, I'm very clumbsy. This just goes to show that I should not be trusted with anything breakable.

Friday, April 23, 2010


So last month my mom decided that she was going to shop for a hawaii trip. She found one and she bought it. So I'm going to Hawaii. Best of all my mom bought my niece a ticket to go with us. We are going next month. I'm so excited.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Play is over :(

The play is over. I know you might think I'm crazy but I want to do it again. It's weird having so much free time. My family came to see it twice, my brother came and that's the first time he's ever come to see me in a preformance. I know he is really busy but if he reads this I hope he knows how much that ment to me. One thing I can say for my brother, even though he dose not come to things that I'm in, his wife and kids come and that means alot to me to. My nephews were so cute, when I came out on stage I could hear Cy in the audiance saying "Erica's a chicken"! I love that kid to peices.
I just want to thank my family for supporting me in this play, espically my aunts sherry and jolene. They sent me some junk food and balloons. I had alot of fun. Thanks.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finall week before the play!

There is only one more week to go until the play starts. I would say that I'm excited but not really. We are not ready. There are still things that we need to fix and it's hard to get anything done when we are constantly telling kids that they need to stay still. There is one girl with red hair that is really annoying. She causes the most trouble.
Oh, well. I like my part a little more. I didn't think I would be on stage much but I'am. I'm not crazy about my lines but I can't do much about that. I will try and get excited. Tell me to break a Leg. I don't mean that in the literal sense of the word. That's actor lingo for good luck. It's bad luck to say Good luck to an actor or actress. So I hope I "Break a Leg" ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

More Babies

Our family go good news yesterday, my older sister Nikki is going to have a baby! I thought she might be pregnant and not telling us yet. I was right, I'm so excited, that means that we are going to have thirteen grandchildren. I can't beleive it, it seems like yesterday that we had the first one. But with good news comes bad news. My sister-in-law Emily found out that she was pregnant but now she is miscarrying. I feel so bad for her. She always had trouble getting pregnant they were lucky to get the two kids that they have, but one thing about it is she knows that she can get pregnant.

I hope that she can get pregnant soon. Anyway, I will keep you posted on whats going on with the rest of the family later. Have a great week.