Monday, November 24, 2008

Poor History Teacher.

Most students dread History. I like history I just don't like the way my professor teaches it. She spends about fifteen minuets on one slide. She is very nice but I really wish she would change up the class every once in a while. Any way. She came into class today in a cast. She told us that on Friday she was walking past a house with a dog that is usually chained up. But on this particular day the dog was not chained up. The dog chased her, so she turned away from it and landed on her hand. She crushed her hand. So next week she has to have rods put in it. I guess one the pulse side I don't have to listen to her next week.

Trouble With Room mates :(

Life at CEU is not so bad. School work is going fine and not to difficult if you know what you are doing and if you keep up in your school work.However, they should teach you how to deal with your room mates. Let me explain. My room mates have good intentions. But lately, things for me anyway have gone down hill. I don't have any control over what they decide to do that is there choice. The troubles I have been having were brought on by me. I really don't like to listen to my room mates say the "F" word every other word.
Not to mention By-Polar room-mates. Oh well. When life gives you lemons you make lemonaid. I have no idea how I'm going to make lemonaid out of this situation but I guess I will figure it out.