Saturday, August 30, 2008

Erica's First Blog :)

This is the first blog that I have started for the Weber Family. I will start with Merlin and Melody. Merlin started school again. He went back on the 5th of August. He may not say this to you but he really dose not want to be back there. He has to because he has to pay for Erica's dental work and Melody's broken leg. Melody, on the other hand is happy to be back in St George. She loves warm weather and loves riding her bike to the library.
Erica is enjoying her second week of school. her living conditions are questionable. her dorm which Melody is paying three hundred dollars a month for, is not quite worth that. for one thing the room is really tiny. Not only that it dose not even have air conditioner. no microwave, no dishwasher, and the bed is like sleeping on a box spring. far from the room, Erica is really enjoying school. she has fun classes, and she is making Friends. She is also playing Racquetball. Erica loves playing it.

That's all for the Weber family for this week. Check us out again for more info and pictures
until next time.