Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A love for my family

As I have gotten older, I notice how much my family dose for me. Being a teenager, you always look at the down side of things never the positive. Recently, my mom found some old movies of when all of my siblings were home. While watching them, I noticed how much my family loved me. Not just threw how they acted around me, but how much they did for me. When I was little, I was the queen bee. Everyone loved me and got treated me like a queen. I'm surprised that no one insisted that they carry me in a basket. Or in my own personal little house that would be used to cart me around. By watching those movies, I have come to appriceate my brothers and sisters, my brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws(yes, Julie this means you :)), neices and nephews, and most of all my parents. So, my challenge to anyone who reads this besides my family, love all of your family members even if they annoy you. And just a shout out to all my family members: LOVE YA!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The fall

On Sunday January 11, 2009, I was on a bike ride with my mom and two nephews. My three year old nephew was tired so we tried to put him in the back of the bike. The bike I was riding has a box that my nephews can sit in, as my mom and i were trying to get him in the box, we pushed the bike forward about two inches and my nephew slipped threw our arms on to the road. He had scraped his head the cut was not deep but it bleed a lot, the trick was to get him home while all this was going on my six year old nephew saw the blood and panicked because he thought his brother was going to die, my mom and I managed to get him home safely and he was fine. Still it was quite an experinance.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another roomate

Today I got a new room mate, her name is Chantelle and she is from Sandy, Utah. She is in to Cosmotology which is really cool, I bet I will be one of her subjects :). Better go classes start tomarrow and I have to get up early. Good night!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I know it's a late greeting, but I didn't have a computer to get to, to up date my blog. This Christmas came a little to quick for my liking, it's seems like yesterday that I started a new semester at CEU and know I'm half way through my second year at college.
My Christmas vaction was very nice. I played with my neices and nephews and went sledding off my grandma's hill four times. I played board games with my cousins and celebrated my birthday. I have to say that turning twenty was great fun. I cut my hair, went to dinner and a movie with my sister, bought a new coat, and took pictures with my new camera. Not to sound spoiled or anything but I had
a good Christmas. Hope you enjoyed yours.