Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Poor Phone :(

So I was riding my new bike to work today and when I got to work I realized that my phone was gone. I called my Aunt and she told me she would look for it before she went to work. Around noon she called my work and told me that she had found my phone and it had been run over by a car. Amazingly it still made calls and calls could come through. My screen is messed up and I can only see about an inch and a half of my screen.
Its really dented and scratched. But I'm just glade we found it and it sort of works. My mom told me that when I get the money I'm going to have to get a new phone. It's going to be expensive because I have only had the phone for a year and a half I'm not up for a new phone for another year.
We will just have to see what happens with it and if it holds up for another year. I feel really bad my phone is like my best firend and it's like I abused it. It's almost like letting my own child get run over by a car.
Oh, well it's not the end of the world but my connection to the world will be striped away from me.

New Bike!!!!

You will never beleive this. I finally got that bike that I wanted. Last week was the best week ever. It started on Monday when I found out that I got a job at the Ferron Library, that same day the movie I had ordered came in the mail. Tuesday I started work and I found out that my bike that I orderd had come in. I was so excited! So Wensday, my parents went to Provo and got it and on Thursday I rode it to work. Everyone that saw it was in awe of it.
Last week was the best week ever!